What is inside Magnetic Messaging Program?

Sometimes, it is very hard for men to start up a conversation with a female he might like or in some cases the female does not reciprocate the same friendly feeling. Magnetic Messaging, an online self-help guide developed by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio, helps men to attract women. It is a dating guide which basically helps provide men with the knowledge to attract women with the use of messaging. The main focus of the guide is as follows:

  • Connect with the woman the man desires.
  • Make the woman emotionally involved in the relation.
  • Handle the logistics in building up the relation

What is inside the Program?

Magnetic Messaging GuideMagnetic Messaging is a collection of messages and information that help men attract a woman to their liking. It has in it a number of different methods of text messaging that will help to get a woman emotionally involved to the man.

At this age, everyone uses a mobile phone. It is one of the basic ways of communication now and so, the authors of this program have taken the initiative to teach men about messaging etiquette when it comes to trying to build a relationship with the woman a man likes. Magnetic Messaging has all the information a man needs to bring improve their chances with a woman. This guide gives proper information on how to construct a powerful enough message to invoke a romantic feeling.

Unlike other such guides present in the market, this one does not include general texts or techniques which are basically same in all guides. It gives a detailed explanation on what can be done and the reader can himself learn and formulate the texts for himself. It encourages customization of texts rather than use of specific templates that are available in almost all programs.

The example texts included by the author are not some which can be directly used. This again promotes the feeling of self-help. They are just examples which the reader can study in order to construct their own texts. The main secret is to make the woman feel that the texts are personally from the man or else the procedures don’t work. Moreover, every person has a different background. So their texts can’t be the same. Keeping that in mind, the authors made this program to teach rather than spoon feed.

Though this program is mainly for people who are just beginning to date, there are techniques and information that will help even the veteran daters. There is an advance section which includes information on the proper methods and etiquettes on sexting, dirty talking and even exchanging nude pictures. These advanced techniques come in much later.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is quite a useful program. The authors themselves are much reputed dating experts. They have formulated this program in such a way that it is very easy to understand and works wonders.

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