My Experience with Magnetic Messaging Guide

Name                               : William

Age                                   : 28

Duration of Problem: 2 years.

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authorHello I am William, a Software engineer. I always wanted to connect with women but somehow it did not happen. Actually I had no idea about how to create attraction and connect with women. Although I was always capable of getting plenty of phone numbers of women I met but what I lacked in was my ‘phone game’ as people call it. And it is undeniably true, that the phone game is now an essential part of seducing a woman and impressing her enough so that she would consider meeting you again. The numbers I obtained could not be transformed into something more substantial like a date or a relationship as I was being let down by my thumbs.

I just could not wrap my head around what I was doing wrong, I tried to be as funny in messages as I could be, tried being the caring nice guy as well, also tried various flirtatious texts and seductive ones so that it would spark something more. But I don’t know what happened, the girl who was giggling at each of my joke and having a great conversation with me at the bar, suddenly seemed way more distant. Women would send me one word replies, or reply much later or simply ignore some of my texts. And sooner or later it would all fall through the cracks, and I would never hear from them again let alone meet up with them.

I did not understand what to do. Though I had followed a number of tricks and techniques, but nothing clicked yet.

Did it affect me?

I was upset. Actually I did not understand how to attracted women. I did not express it. When my friends heard my problems, they started laughing. So it was very critical situations for me. I was confused.

When Magnetic Messaging Guide entered the picture!!

Magnetic Messaging GuideOne day I found Magnetic Messaging Guide, written by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. With this online guide book one can very easily muster the art of messaging where your texts will almost act as magnets for women that would pull them closer to you.

When i looked at it, it seemed perfect for me. So I went through the program and its review. Everything was perfect. Next day I purchased it.

Explore Magnetic Messaging Guide

The Magnetic Messaging guide is based on real scientific research of the psychology of messaging with experimental analysis of the techniques to establish their usability. The book is based on the concept that attraction is merely not a choice with consistent resourceful efforts one can obtain repeated positive results in terms of creating attraction.

Even if you did not make a stellar first impression on the girl you really liked, or a girl that is dating someone else or considers you as not her type, and even worse, thinks of you as only her friend or texting buddy. You can still turn the situation around with effective magnetic messaging. The book will guide you in mustering a form of mental monopoly that is almost foolproof and works every time. It can even help you get a girl that slipped out of your hands several months or years ago and spark things back up.

The authors of this guide Rob Judge and Bobby Rio have developed this revolutionary system of effective communication through text messages in 3 small steps that is completely irrelevant to your looks and the size of your bank account.

The book provides men with comprehensive information on messaging that many of us fail to realize. It helps men to understand their problem areas and what it is that they are doing wrong. This would help men understand why some girls are acting flaky or are ignoring their texts and being unresponsive to their continued patient efforts in messaging.

With this guide I learnt how to transform simple day-to-day conversations into an exciting emotional roller coaster and it would also help me how to make my own magnetic words.

I found immediate great results with women. Women who ignored my text earlier replied instantly and proposed to even meet up for a date and more.

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I must say, it was great!!