Bonus and Discounts- The Magnetic Messaging Program

The Magnetic Messaging Program is a self-help online dating program created by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio. This program is designed to help beginners in the dating field to attract the women that they are interested in. The main program costs only $47 USD. Along with the program, the authors have included a number of bonus products. They are:

Bonus  #1

The Infatuation FormulaThe Infatuation Formula: This package consists of 5 videos which teach the watcher the secrets of how to control a woman. This is something that every man wants to learn and it is exactly what this program delivers.

This program is actually worth $97 USD but it is absolutely free with the Magnetic Messaging Program.


Bonus  #2magnatic mastermind

The Magnetic Mastermind (30 days free trial version): This contains a number of videos which show the analysis of the message transcripts done by the authors of Magnetic Messaging program. They show the techniques in which one can easily transform boring and uninteresting texts into attractive ones which will catch the eye of any woman reading it. It also includes a mastermind program which has some of the most advanced techniques developed by the best relationship experts from across the world. The 30 days trial program costs $39 USD but it is absolutely free with this program. Moreover, after the 30 days, one can renew it for more information and techniques by just paying $38.97 USD (this is optional and can be discontinued).

Bonus  #3

99 Best Texts of All Time: This may be the best bonus that can be given with this magnatic mastermindprogram. These are the best and the most productive texts ever used by Rob Judge. These texts cover all types of situations and the person who wields this book will have all of them at his disposal to use. Again, this costs $47 USD if bought individually from the market but with this program it is given free.

So, basically the authors have included items worth a total of $183 USD absolutely free with the Magnetic Messaging Program and the buyer has to pay just $47 USD.