Magnetic Messaging Guide Review 2015 – Does It Really Work?

Magnetic Messaging GuideTexting, today is a hugely popular form of social interaction and sometimes works better in getting you a date even more than face-to-face conversation. Many people find it easier to keep the conversation rolling through text messages and often feel more confident through Instant Messaging.

But some also do not feel as positive and confident with text messaging as much as others. So if you are one of those schmucks whose fingers are letting you down, here is a great solution to your messaging issues. It often so happens that you come across a girl at a party or at the club and you make a great connection with her, talk for a while, even make her laugh and also get a chance to get her number. But then when you start talking over texts, she seems a little off. It almost appears as if she’s disappointed with the way you text and is slowly starting to ignore you. You don’t want that to happen do you?

With this online guide, you will be able to successfully up your attraction game so that when messaging a girl, you can get her hooked to your texts, always waiting eagerly for your next message.

Men and women look at text messages in a very different way. For instance, one word replies such as Ok get women upset. Women always prefer detailed texts with more than one word to understand that you truly have time for her. Who knew such small things could have such big an effect? That is why for men to better understand and be the master of messaging, this online guide book Magnetic Messaging guide has been introduced by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.

If you follow the suggestions in this guide, not only will you stop repelling women away through your texts, but will also begin to make successful connections in bringing them closer.


The concept of sounding attractive or interesting can be a little difficult when texting over phone in comparison to real life. With this guide book , you would be able to learn and master the art of attractive communication that will pull ladies towards you. The most appealing part of this guide book is that it has numerous sample texts and tips that one can simple mirror to get instant results. The authors of this book are Rob Judge and Bobby Rio. Rio is a professional dating coach and Rob is a comprehensive experience of more than 2 years in guinea pig tested phone game.

With Magnetic Messaging guide book one can help themselves text their way out of the ‘friend zone’, the girls who have been sending you icy cold responses like one word answers will also try to get closer to you. Now the book also contains certain advanced messaging techniques like dirty talking but it just gives an overview of how to apply these things as it is mainly intended for beginners.

Also if you have applied these techniques and still haven’t received much response from the girl, the book will also guide you on how to handle such situations. But a point worth mentioning is that this guide will not get you all the girls you desire and can sometimes not give you preferred results. Luckily, the book also covers what to do in such situations.


Magnetic Messaging GuideThe book features some essential principles of the phone game, which works to transform the girl who only sees you as a friend, or is already dating someone else or even if she feels like you are not her type to get attracted to you and wait for your texts. With the techniques used in this Magnet Messaging guide you can win a girl back, even after you have sent her an embarrassing text or did not make a stellar first impression.

The focus in this guide is the key lock system and the package also comes with several PowerPoint presentations with more messaging tips and techniques, you can also get a complimentary eBook of sample text messages and also a short report compiled by Bobby Rio on the art of effective conversation.

The book allows men to understand better the whole system of after getting a girl’s number. Men naturally assume that just because the woman gave him her number he has won and will be meeting her soon, but that is not how it works. Women only give you their numbers if they feel attracted to you or interested at that moment, by sharing her phone number she is expecting you to seduce her into going out with again.

But many a times men ruin this opportunity by not knowing how text a girl in the right way. Women believe that if there is chemistry amongst the two of you, things will happen faster, she wants to be swept of her feet. But if you take time to impress her through messages, then she will believe that there is nothing there and will move on.

She might also start evaluating all the reasons why she should not meet up with you again and even the slightest of weak messaging will make her go from interested to completely cold. This would usually happen if you try to send her any text messages that may appear too needy or too strong or even something witty that she does not get.

The basic idea of Magnetic Messaging book is to create a kind of mental trap in order to bring you out with her on a date or even to the bedroom. With these three messages of the Key Lock System, you get to make her want you, thing about and have an emotional response to your message that will bring her to bed with you. It is obvious that the woman will not carefully rationalize before jumping into bed with you for a casual escapade with logical thinking it will only happen as an emotional response to the text you sent to her that triggered this.

Now the first step of the key lock system is to send her an emotionally text that will grab her attention. This will render waiting for your next text with anticipation, she will begin to feel that you are not one of those factory made zombies who only want to her into bed with them the second text should create an emotional bond between you two so that she can imagine herself spending time with you, this will create something more than just a casual flirtation. This text makes her believe that you get her.

100% Gurantee

The third text is the one that would allow you to plant the idea of getting together with you for something more than just a date. She will begin imagining herself with you and will start craving for you, in her mind. This is the kind of mental monopoly which works in 3 small text messages to get any kind of girl to start thinking about you as more than just her texting buddy. This will allow you to be the guy who makes things happen, in her eyes. As time is an important factor in seducing a girl, all of this must be done in 3 text messages only.

Many men feel the same way, that if they Text a girl more, then they will get more of her attention. So they keep sending her messages all day like, how was your day, or how’s it going, what are you up to, hope you got home safe, hey, have fun etc. But what you need to understand is that none of these ‘nice-guy’ texts will help you to raise any emotional response from her side. In fact all these texts do is just really annoy her.

These average guy messages are like a fly buzzing around her ears which is not grabbing her attention but is only distracting her and making her hate you. It may as well be that she is laughing at your texts showing them to her friends. Although there is nothing called the 3 day rule of waiting before you contact her back or something like that. But you should also not bombard her phone with a sea of useless text messages that will be analogous to the buzzing of a bee around her. Keeping her attention gripped is not about following some simple dating rules or sending her a lot of texts. But is actually about, sending her the right kind of messages.

Pros of Magnetic Messaging

  • This book helps to get a date with a girl you just met quickly
  • Helps to turn things around with a girl that’s beginning to lose interest in you
  • It can also help to spark things up with a girl that got away because a woman’s opinion of you can change

Cons of this guide

There are no such mentionable cons to this guide even if it does not work it will only help to boost your confidence with texting women and communicating effectively. But it is important that you understand it is not magic and will definitely not work on all kinds of women you want to date.

Our final verdict

After reading this guide, which is like a Magnetic Messaging Guide for men, you can forget about standing alone with your phone in your hand, thinking what to write. With the key lock sequence, you always have a foolproof plan that should always do the work on getting the girl to meet up with you again.   Click here to buy Magnetic Messaging Guide

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  1. This is a great product.. I had a crush on a girl but she never even minded me. After using this product she now stared talking to me and that too in just 3 messages.. Great product man… Thanks a lot…

  2. I am very bad when it comes to girls . I don’t know how to impress a girl and how to talk to her . Will this guide help me .. ??

  3. I was a very shy guy and never had the confidence to go and talk to a girl . This guide changed my life now I can handle as many girls at a time 🙂

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